What Is Noisy Bark?

Noisy Bark is the website of Richard O'Neill (that's me!) And it's where he (I?) put(s) the stuff that I'm (he?) is (am) doing online...I'll start again.

I called the site Noisy Bark because I live with a human female who loves dogs! A lot of my recording sessions involve waiting for said dogs to stop barking at the postman, the takeaway menu guy, or jehovah's witnesses!

Noisy Bark is a place where I can tie things together. For instance, a lot of my current content is for the "Napyet" YouTube channel (which has a gaming and geek culture focus). The people who follow Napyet may not be interested in the other stuff I do but I want there to be a place where everything lives together in (dis)harmony.

Put simply, Noisy Bark is a content umbrella that sounds like a dog.

I hope you enjoy exploring the site! If you'd like to contact me the relevant information is on the Contact page.  

Have a nice day!